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1.    Petitioner is to complete the following 3 forms when filing for an

       Expungement or a Sealing of your records:


       A.   Request Form

       B.   Notice of Filing Form

       C.   Order Form


2.    File your paperwork with the Circuit Clerk’s Office.  The original plus four

        (4) copies of the Request and Notice forms, and the original and one (1)

        copy of the Order are required when filing your paperwork.

       (Unless the documents have been eFiled. In that case 1 original copy is sufficient.)



3.    Each Request that you are filing to be expunged or sealed will require a

       payment of $120.00. The $120.00 is made up of two separate payments.


1.    $60.00 fee to the Sangamon County Circuit Clerk’s Office. Types of

        payment are cash (if filing in person), certified check or money order.


2.    A Money Order made out to the Illinois State Police for $60.00.


3.    The Circuit Clerk’s Office will set a court date for your case.  A court

        appearance may or may not be required.


4.    The Circuit Clerk’s Office will mail out required paperwork to all law

        enforcement agencies.


5.    Law Enforcement agencies have 60 days to file an objection.


Helpful Documents

Fact Sheet

Flow Chart

Juvenile Expungement Information and Forms 


Adult Expungement Information and Forms


Read the How to Expunge or Seal a Criminal Record instruction booklet that comes with theses forms.

If you have questions or need assistance you can contact: the Office of the State Appellate Defender: Phone 866-787-1776

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):  Expungements FAQ

Email at the Office of the State Appellate Defender: Expungement@osad.state.il.us

Website of the Office of the State Appellate Defender: www.illinois.gov/osad




The Circuit Clerk Lookup System may be
unavailable periodically for maintenance.

All fees collected by the Circuit Clerk are mandated by law.

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