Records Request

Record searches are for Sangamon County Only, and are available
at the Sangamon County Circuit Clerk's office for a fee of $4.00 per year.


The Circuit Clerk's Office accepts money orders, or cashiers checks through the mail.
If you request the copies in person only cash is accepted.

Please note that personal checks are not accepted for record searches.


You can Email us at:


FOIA Requests


The Circuit Clerk's office is part of the judicial branch of government and, as such, it is not subject to the Freedom on Information Act and,

accordingly, does not provide documents in response to FOIA requests.

You can access case information for free here RECORDS

If you are an attorney, you can apply for a username and password to sign in and access more detailed information.
You will have to have a valid ARDC number.







The Circuit Clerk Lookup System may be
unavailable periodically for maintenance.

All fees collected by the Circuit Clerk are mandated by law.

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217 753-6674

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